Recommended Use

The Marmara White is a unique natural stone from Turkey that due to its amazing and singular look, it has been used in very specific applications. The Marmara White is a white marble that has been used throughout history in Turkey. It is very common to find this marble on mosques, public building, funerary art and several historical monuments pretty much all over Turkey. However the application that has given the most credit to the Marmara White is found in bath design. It is extremely common to find applications of the Marmara White is Hammam, meaning public bath.

In addition, it is also common to find applications of the Marmara White on flooring, some stonework and coverings. Because of its great technical properties, this is a stone that can last long time without serious damage. It is then recommended for applications with high exposure to climate factors as well as high utilization application such as exterior flooring.