The Marmara White is a white coloured marble, with medium grain and uniform background. The Marmara White is a type of marble with a unique feature: it presents a parallel grey/bluish coloured vein. This parallel vein is what makes this white marble so unique and distinct.

The Marmara White does not present too many variations. Its main variations basically depend on the intensity of the vein, which can be more or less intense or with more or less colour. The whole extraction and transformation of this stone is done taking into consideration this unique vein.
Marmara White First: the most common type, with a a well defined vein.
Marmara White Classic: with less vein and a more white coloured background.

  • Marmara White Equator Slabs2

    Marmara White First

  • Marmara White Panda Slabs

    Marmara White Classic

Extraction Area

The Marmara White is extracted on the island of Marmara Adasi. This island is located in the northwest of Turkey, on the Marmara sea, quite close to the coast. The closest cities inland are Tekirdag on the north and Bandirma in the south. The Marmara Island is located at a fairly close distance to the cities of Istambul and Bursa.

You can see on the map below that good part of this island is covered with quarries that extract the Marmara White.