Marmara White Most Common Applications


This is the type of application that has brought the most credit to the Marmara White marble. Hammams have been historically built with Marmara White marble, and this tradition has been kept until these days. Today, it is very common to find beautiful applications of this marble on hammams of all type.

Marmara White Bath Design

Bath Design

A great choice for bath design applications (flooring, coverings, basins), the Marmara White can give a great aesthetic effect if the horizontal vein is applied properly. In addition, the Marmara White is a very hard type of marble, which is suitable for more humid places such as bathrooms.

Marmara White Bath Design


As a hard marble, the Marmara White is recommended for flooring applications. Despite not being a number one choice, the Marmara is still commonly used on diverse flooring applications (both interior and exterior).

Marmara White Flooring


A less common type of application but nonetheless a good choice for flooring applications. If well applied, the Marmara White can do an amazing work on covering applications, specially with the horizontal vein.

Marmara White Coverings