Marmara White marble top selection for 2017

The Marmara White is a fantastic and fairly unique type of marble from Turkey, which is mostly known by its white background and quite uniform parallel dark grey lines or vein. These fairly uniform veins is what makes the Marmara White such a on-demand marble, making it an unique marble for certain decoration and interior application. On this article, we make a brief analysis of the current selection of this marble that is being extracted in the main quarries.

Marmara White marble slabs

The top grade selection of the Marmara White marble has entered one of the best years of extraction that we have memory. If in the past few years, we have seen a fairly irregular parallel vein, not so uniform or well-defined, blending often with Classic grade. Since the start of 2017, we see a much more uniform and predictable structure, showing what is mostly demanded on this marble: its uniform, regular and parallel vein, with a good balance between amount of white background and dark silver-grey parallel vein.


Marmara White marble slabs

The dark silver-grey vein is very well-balanced as we can see on the pictures, showing a fantastic balance between the white background and the parallel vein. This is what is mostly expected from the top selection or grade of Marmara White marble.


Marmara White marble selection

This makes the whole selection process much easier, which means that less blocks are required to make a good lot. This is what could be called “vintage” year for the Marmara White marble, in particular to its top selection, also known as First. The matching of tiles or slabs is an easier process, which makes overall profitability for both suppliers and clients higher.